U9 to U12 Team Manager & Coaches Handbook

Season 2022


Dear Coach and Team Manager, Welcome to UQFC. We would like to thank you for volunteering your time to help both UQFC and your team.

Important Contacts:
MiniRoos Administrator on uqfcminiroos@gmail.com

U6-U8: Cassie Vial & U9-U12: Tamami Kawasaki


  • 5th February 9am to 2pm – Team Managers Kit Collection morning


      9-3pm - Team Bag & Equipment Collection (Coaches and Team Managers) 
  • 27th February 1pm to 4pm - YEAH THE GIRLS - Female Football Development Day

      1:00PM  Skill Sessions and Warm Ups with the Football Queensland Women's Premier League squads
  • Week of 28th February – Training commences for MiniRoos Kangaroo teams. and U12

  • Week of 21st March – Training commences for U9-U11 Wallabies & Quokkas

  • 1st - 17th April – School holidays (no training/games during this period)

  • 22nd / 23rd April – First weekend of MiniRoos Fixtures

  • 27 / 28 / 29th May and 3 / 4 / 5th June – Team Photos (schedule to be advised)

  • 24th June – 10th July – School holidays (no training/games during this period)

  • 2nd / 3rd September – last U9-U12 Miniroos fixtures (time TBC)

  • 11th September – End of season wrap up for U9-U16 (time TBC)

Volunteer Registration:
Prior to the season ahead you are 
required to complete the following, before your first training session please:
- Log in to your My Football account at www.playfootball.com.au and register as a “Volunteer” for UQFC.
- Obtain a blue card Apply for a Blue card (Simply apply on-line 
 Blue Card Services Applicant Portal , provide the club with your account number & the club submits the application on your behalf)

Equipment & Kit Bag:

Collect the Home Kit Bag - which should be clearly marked with the name of your team - containing Game shirts & bibs and the Equipment Bag containing, Balls, Cones from the Club Administrators. 

Our club policy is that all items in each bag are to remain altogether throughout the season and not to be issued to individual players. These items are your responsibility and must be returned altogether (washed and cleaned) at the end of the season.

Club Uniform: 

Training  Kit and  Game  Kit picture

As U9-U11 play in an inter-club competition, having games played either away or at home grounds. 

Game kit (on left), also known as Home kit: Maroon and sky blue shirt (Club provides to teams), blue shorts, maroon socks, shin guards and football boots. 

Training kit (on right), also known as Away kit: Sky blue shirt, maroon shorts, maroon socks, shin guards and football boots. 

Please note: In general, all games are played wearing Game Kit, however if your team happens to be versing another UQFC team, then the following rule applies:

The team listed first on the draw are required to wear Game/Home kit and the team listed second on the draw are required to wear Training/Away kit.

Field locations

The Miniroos competition will be played either at "Home", at Cubberla Creek Reserve, or "Away" at the opposing team's field. If playing at home, the field allocations can be found on the white board in front of the bottom field shed.

For training sessions, your allocated field map will be emailed prior to the season commencing. (Training is either at Cubberla Creek, 145 Fig Tree Pocket Rd or at Kingfisher Park, Gem Road, see your team dugout for details). 

Training is to commence week of 28
th February for Kangaroo teams and week of 21st March for U9-U11 Wallabies & Quokkas teams
Training session day/time are indicated in your team dugout. Players are to wear training kit: Sky Blue Shirt, maroon shorts, maroon socks with shin guards and football boots.
Training is to commence week of 28th February for U12 teams


Fixtures for the U9-U12 age groups will be scheduled by Football Queensland, and published on their website. The UQFC Miniroos administrators will upload the fixtures into your team dugout.

Home game kick off time 
U9 - 10:00 am 
U10 - 11:15 am

U11 - 12:15/1:15 pm

U12 - 1:15/2:15/3:25 pm

Game day Field Setup and Put Away:

For U9-U12, the Coordinator will usually get the referees to help him with the field set up, however it would be helpful (and very welcome) if some parents could help out too.

At the end of the day all goals are to be moved off to the side of the field by the last teams on each pitch.


U9– U12 games are refereed by Referees from our Club Referee Program.

Particularly early on in the season they will still be learning, and we ask parents to be mindful of this. Please keep supporters back 1 meter from the sideline so that the line can be clearly seen by the referee.

Match results and points tables

Team Managers of U9-U12 teams playing away will need to send scores to the MiniRoos Administrator on ‘WhatsApp’ Team managers group within 12 hours of the game being played to ensure that scores are reported to Football Queensland within the required timeframe.

All U9-U12 games played at home, the referees record these match results for the Referee coordinators to report to Football Queensland. However we would like to ask the home game scores to be sent to the ‘WhatsApp’ Team managers group as well.

Playing format, in summary:
U9 7 a-side with goalkeeper
20-minute halves, 5 min half-time break
Size 3
1/4 of a full field sizeThrow Ins, Corner kicks, no offside
U10-U12 9 -a-side including goalkeeper25-minute halves, 5 min half-time breakSize 41/2 of a full field size
Throw ins, Corner kicks, no offside

Ground officials:

The U9-U12 referees are called "Instructing Referees" (UQFC Club Refs are club players usually between 13-16yrs old), their role is to "instruct players in the correct way to play the game and help them enjoy the game". There are no linesman, which means it is impossible to make the right call all the time; and they do not hand out red/yellow cards should a player /parent behave inappropriately. In no instance should our UQFC referees have to confront aggressive behaviour from team officials/parents.

We are totally committed in supporting our UQFC Club referees and have introduced Ground Officials for all home matches. The role of the Ground Officials is to support the referees, should they feel intimidated/threatened in anyway. We ask that they keep an eye on proceedings and if inappropriate behaviour continues either on the field/the sidelines to address it with the coaches/field coordinators.

Referees will hand out a vest to a team parent prior to kick-off, these must be returned to the bottom field shed at the end of the game. We encourage all parents to share this responsibility and take turns. We do appreciate your support with this initiative.

Wet Weather Information:

Please encourage everyone to check the UQFC Majestri home page for the field status, which is normally updated at 3pm on training days. 

For at home games, the UQFC Majestri home page & UQFC Facebook page (@UQFCi) will be updated with the field status in the event of bad weather/urgent closures.

For all away games, please encourage everyone to check both the Host Club's Facebook/Webpage as well as Football Queensland Wet Weather

Other Important References:

UQFCAmbulance Access

Code of Conduct

Extreme Weather Policy –Football QLD

How to access your Majestri account

Tips on using your team Dugout in Majestri

U6 Last official game of the season
U7 & U8 Last official game for the season (Carnival held Sunday 28th August)
U6 - EOY Mini Carnival
Sun 28th - U7 & U8 EOY Mini Carnival
U9-U12 MiniRoos Last official game of the season
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