What is MiniRoos?

MiniRoos is an initiative developed by Football Australia (FA) for players aged 5-13 yrs played on smaller sized fields. Each year field sizes increase with age groups as well as the number of players in a team and duration of games. Games are designed to allow for the frequent interchange of players giving maximum game time and positional opportunities.

Here at UQFC, we have boys only, girls only and mixed team options for EVERY age group.

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How are teams selected?

U6, U7 and U8 are not graded and to maximize enjoyment are encouraged to form teams with friends or classmates. The U9-U13 age groups consist of 3 participation groupings based on skill level organized by Football Queensland. The groupings are called Quokkas, Wallabies and Kangaroos. These teams are formed based on the assessment of players by UQFC and our independent coaches throughout the previous season. Placing players of similar ability into teams ensures the best possible opportunity for players to develop their skills, self-esteem, and confidence.

How do I join a team?

For returning players, the UQFC MiniRoos Coordinator will contact each player towards the end of the season to confirm their intention to return and move up to the next age group. All returning players will then automatically be invited to Enrol for the next season. Places for existing players are guaranteed season to season.

If new to the club, places for new players can only be offered once a position in a team becomes available due to a player leaving a team. Due to high demand each season we cannot guarantee any positions for new players until February.

Important information for 2024 – new U6 players

U6 teams will be formed with players who have completed the Expression of Interest link advertised at the end of the season; in the following order of priority:

- players born 2017

- players with siblings already at UQFC

- players born 2018

When do we play and train?

MiniRoos fixtures are played on either Friday night, Saturday mornings or Sunday mornings and at UQFC we run an “in house” competition for U6, U7 and U8. All games are played at our junior grounds at Cubberla Creek Reserve, Kenmore.

U6-U12 MiniRoos Season starts: March/April 2024 (to be confirmed) as set by Football Queensland each season.

U6: 9:45am Kick Offs - 4 v 4 on Sunday mornings
 5:30 or 5:45pm kick offs – 4v4 on Friday evening
U8: 8am kick offs – 7v7 on Saturday morning

U9 (7v7), U10 (9v9), U11 (9v9) and U12 (9v9) age groups participate in competitions administered through Football Queensland (FQ) with a home and away ground format in which kick off times vary. MiniRoos train once per week.

U6 & U7 Teams will train before they play their games. Training for U6 is 9am - 9:40am Sunday mornings and training for U7's is 4:45/5 to 5:40pm. There are no set training times for U8-U12 MiniRoos due to number of teams at the club and varies from 3.45pm, 4.45pm & a 6.00pm start across 5 venues in the local area. Training times are confirmed after the team is formed and a coach and manager have volunteered. Space for training is allocated on the coach’s availability and field space at that time. We cannot guarantee first preference for training times for all teams. MiniRoos teams are generally scheduled in the afternoon with Junior Teams (U13-U16) training in the evening.

Last updated 15 Apr 2024
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U8's Recommence Training (Mon 15th / Tuesday 16th)
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U8's Recommence Training (Mon 15th / Tuesday 16th)
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Miniroos Kick-Off
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