UQFC Inc. hereby gives notice that the following candidates were nominated for the UQFC Executive Committee:

a. Club President – Andrew BIRD (nominated by E Young, C Langbroek)

b. Club Secretary – Tracy WARRENER (nominated by J Cullinan, L Warrener)

c. Club Treasurer – James WRAGG (nominated by G Woolcock, P McKee)

d. Vice President NPL (Women’s) – David FINDLAY (nominated by L Moore, K Knox)

e. Vice President Juniors – Joanna CULLINAN (nominated by I Cunningham, D da Silva)

f. Vice President Seniors –

 – James BARR (nominated by I Rees, A Grainger); and

 – Yru REDHEAD (nominated by K Stonier, M Pavlik)

At the AGM, all UQFC Executive Committee positions will become vacant and the following appointments will be made, there being no other nominations for the roles:

Club President – Andrew BIRD

Club Secretary – Tracy WARRENER

Club Treasurer – James WRAGG

Vice President NPL (Women’s) – David FINDLAY

Vice President Juniors – Joanna CULLINAN

In accordance with the Club Constitution, members may take part and vote at the AGM in relation to the persons nominated for the Vice President Seniors position on the Executive Committee either in person or by proxy.

Proxies may be sent to by 5pm on Friday 11th November 2016 or delivered by hand to the secretary (K Stonier) prior to the commencement of the AGM at 12 noon on Saturday 12th November”